why i am strong progress partner agreement

This agreement is between RFAA Foundation Inc DBA Why I am Strong and Progress Partners. Why I Am Strong will offer 40 units at $2,500.00 per unit for a total of $100,000.00. Progress Partners collectively will receive $5.00 per unit sold for the first 200,000 units sold which will be divided by 40 and after the first 200,000 units progress partners collectively will receive $1.00 per unit up to 1 million units which will be divided by 40. The agreement is terminated after 1 million units have been sold and progress partners royalties paid in full.


Each unit is worth up to 20 times the $2,500.00 per unit purchase price. Example: Each $2,500.00 unit has the potential to pay back $45,000.00. Royalty payouts are distributed every Wednesday starting March 24th, 2021 and ending the Wednesday after the one millionth units is sold.  

________________________________(Progress Partner) agrees to purchase _____ units at $2,500.00 per unit. 


Purchaser Name: _______________________________________________________


Purchaser Address: _____________________________________________________


Purchaser Phone# ______________________________________________________


Provide Bank Information or method to receive distribution: 


Name of Bank and Address _______________________________________________


Routing #__________________________Account _____________________________

Units may be transferred or sold with the written consent and approval by RFAA Foundation Inc. All purchases are final. This is a legal and binding agreement. 



Progress Partner / Purchaser                                                                 Date 



RFAA Foundation Inc Authorized Agent                                                 Date