progress initiatives

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My Grocery Store Network 

My Grocery Store Network seeks to increase America’s food security, enhance  access for those living in rural and underserved communities by providing access to healthy food options, employing nutrition education in the household, and increasing their quality of life by feeding the whole body.


My Grocery Store Network (MGS Network) cultivates entrepreneurial aspirations by creating wealth building opportunities for Farmers of Color, Future Farmers, first time owner operators and those living in rural and low income communities. 


PTI Trade School

Pathways To Independence Trade School was created based on understanding the need to build OVERCOMERS. After a decade of research through trials and studies on Restoring Families Across America, the data tells a compelling story. The analysis included both observational and interventional clinical studies performed by one primary investigator with over 700 subjects. The primary target market was underserved and rural communities, while 90% of the trial subjects were black males. 


National Opportunity League 

National Opportunity League (NOL) through the sport of Opportunity has one mission: End Generations of Hopelessness by teaching the Value of A Life and focusing on the development of Foundational Skills, Champion Mindsets and  Economic Geniuses. Many of America's young Black males have been systematically oppressed, abandoned by Black men, robbed of true leadership and left behind to die physically or struggle mentally.